Deezer now offers audiobooks for paid users, starting in Germany

Deezer now offers audiobooks for paid users, starting in Germany
Deezer now offers audiobooks for paid users

Deezer this week launched an app with audiobooks in Germany. Audiobooks by Deezer is available only for Deezer paid subscribers (Deezer Premium, Family, HiFi, and Student), and at no additional cost.

Deezer says is now the only streaming service for music and podcasts with an extra app only for audiobooks and radio plays. Audiobooks by Deezer for iOS and Android is initially only available on the German market and offers an optimized user experience with functions specifically for streaming audiobooks.

“Germany is the land of audiobooks and we are pleased to be giving audiobooks and radio plays the space they deserve with the Audiobooks by Deezer app. With Audiobooks by Deezer we are opening a new chapter in the history of audiobooks at Deezer and offering our users the best of both worlds for one price,” said Richard Wernicke, Head of Content at Deezer.

Audiobooks by Deezer app is available in iOS and Android.

Functions of Audiobooks by Deezer:

  • Editorially prepared audiobook recommendations
  • Set smart bookmarks in an infinite number of books
  • Simplified search: sorting options on the genre pages
  • Offline function: download audiobooks and listen to them without an internet connection
  • Own library with an overview of already heard and started audiobooks/radio plays, favorites, and downloads
  • Jump button (30 seconds and fast forward or rewind chapter by chapter)
  • Sleep timer
  • Additional information on books and authors
  • Kids mode with selected content for children
  • Operating assistance for blind and visually impaired

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