DeviceAtlas: Afilias Technologies just granted a third patent related to its device detection algorithm

Afilias Technologies announced today at dmexco that it has been granted a third patent related to its device detection algorithm used in its DeviceAtlas product.

DeviceAtlas is adopted by companies in the web and online advertising space so that they can accurately identify traffic and device characteristics from any of the thousands of devices that can connect to the internet.

This innovation provides the fastest, most accurate method of identifying and returning the properties of communication devices such as smartphones, tablets and other web-enabled devices.

A foundational approach to recognize and handle traffic from connected devices, the patent makes DeviceAtlas the only patent-protected solution capable of delivering the speed, accuracy and memory efficiency needed for the mission-critical applications of many of the web’s leading companies. The patent EP2245836 A2 protects the core device detection algorithm which uses a Patricia trie data structure to determine the properties of a communication device in the quickest and most efficient way by parsing User Agent strings as well as other HTTP headers.

The patent builds on a portfolio that covers both the US and Europe and solidifies DeviceAtlas’ position as the de facto standard for device detection, User Agent parsing and device analytics.

According to DeviceAtlas CTO Ronan Cremin, “We have an established track record in mobile technology going back to 2008. We are committed to delivering the best technology to our customers and our IP has provided long term stability, stable architecture and memory footprint despite the explosion in usage of connected devices around the world.”

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