Display ads with audio? Adsonica is offering free trials of its technology

Adsonica is offering a free trial of its technology for any campaign running between November 1 and December 31, 2018. Adsonica has two-image Audio Display Ads that are compatible with leading platforms, for both mobile and desktop browsers.

“Using sound in digital advertising gives creative teams a new way to tell a story at affordable CPMs. Our single image ads are already gaining traction with major advertisers and adding the capability to switch between two images provides them with more ways to create an engaging experience at traditional display costs.”

William Agush, CEO of Adsonica

Adsonica says their patented technology combines audio and images into a single file, eliminating loss during transmission or latency. The file gets served as an ordinary image ad. The ads are created using an online builder application, eliminating the need for programming or scripting. Adsonica supports all standard IAB unit sizes.

According to Adsonica, in A/B tests, display ads with sound delivered 4-5 times the industry average CTR for static display ads.