Display & Video 360 now allows buyers to buy only ads.txt inventory

Google’s DSP (former Doubleclick Bid Manager – DBM) is now allowing marketers and agencies to run campaigns on sites that support ads.txt authorized inventory, and exclude inventory from sites without the file.

Before this change, buyers using Display & Video 360, were not able to restrict the inventory to publishers using ads.txt. Google DV360 now allows two options:

  1. Advertisers can buy inventory on publishers using ads.txt or not without the ads.txt file.
  2. Advertisers can buy inventory only on publishers using ads.txt.

The last option is the most secure, as buyers are sure that they are only buying inventory on authorized sellers and exchanges declared by the publishers. However, this impacts the reach as the adoption of ads.txt is 90%.

Google says that is planning the second option (ads.txt-only inventory) as the default setting for Display & Video 360 by the end of 2018. “