Google sees 90% ads.txt adoption on publisher partners

Google last month announced that nearly 90 percent of the publisher partners have adopted ads.txt. Google scans over 30 million domains with the Google ads.txt crawler, on a daily basis.

Since February of this year, more than 430,000 website domains have added an ads.txt file to their sites to verify their inventory, according to Google’s ads.txt crawler. In October 2017, the number was only 11000 domains, but since the DSP’s start to adopt the Ads.txt publishers start to implement Ads.txt in a more fast pacing.

Here the evolution:

Google’s DSP (DV360, former DBM) was the first DSP adopting Ads.txt, at the end of October 2017. The Trade Desk in November 2017, and AppNexus in January 2018. MediaMath only adopted Ads.txt in their curated marketplace.

Display & Video 360 by the end of 2018, will have the ads.txt-only inventory control by default. That means in all new campaigns, advertisers will have pre-selected targeting the publishers that have the Ads.txt file.