DoubleVerify creates a publisher division

DoubleVerify creates a publisher division

DoubleVerify this month announced the creation of a new division to support digital publishers. DoubleVerify says the unit will lead product innovation efforts to help publishers maximize revenue yield from their inventory and reduce friction with buyers.

“This division allows us to work even more closely with publishers to better understand their challenges,” said Matt McLaughlin, COO of DoubleVerify, in a statement. “Our goal is to offer publishers the right set of solutions that will enable them to accurately track revenue and gain clarity into how their inventory is perceived by digital buyers. In doing so, we can help publishers optimize performance, as measured by inventory yield.”

According to DoubleVerify, the new publisher division has over 60 employees globally across insights, R&D and engineering. DoubleVerify is currently serving 110 publishers, including more than half of the top-100 Comscore-ranked web publishers.

“We want to offer publishers transparency and actionable insights to manage and drive yield. To do so, we need to work hand in hand together – educating our partners on how our technology can help overcome obstacles and support growth, and incorporating their feedback,” said McLaughlin.

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