DoubleVerify enhances AI-powered brand protection tools for TikTok advertisers

DoubleVerify enhances AI-powered brand protection tools for TikTok advertisers

DoubleVerify this week announced a major expansion of its brand safety and suitability capabilities for advertisers on TikTok. The release of 16 new content categories aligns with TikTok's newly launched Inventory Filters, empowering brands to precisely target their advertising on the popular platform.

Key Enhancements:

  • Expanded Category Exclusions: Advertisers now have five new categories (Gambling & Lottery, Youth Content, Violent Video Games, and Combat Sports) for more granular control.
  • Vertical Sensitivity Filtering: 11 new vertical-based categories (including Pets, Food, Beauty, Tech, Finance, and more) let brands tailor ad placement based on industry-specific sensitivities.

With this release, brands can leverage five new content categories in the Category Exclusion control for TikTok Inventory Filter – Gambling & Lottery, Youth Content, Violent Video Games, and Combat Sports. This expanded category selection will give advertisers enhanced measurement insights and increased protection across sensitive topics. The release will also include 11 vertical-based categories for the Vertical Sensitivity inventory filter that align with the unique brand requirements of advertisers across various sectors, including Pets, Food, Beauty, Fashion, Tech & Telecom, Financial Services, Travel, Automotive, Gaming, Professional Services, and Entertainment. These categories exclude vertical-related content that advertisers may consider misaligned with their brand positioning. DV is currently testing Vertical Sensitivity controls to be available later this quarter.

"We are excited to expand our partnership with TikTok as ad investments continue to grow on the platform,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. “As driven by our client-focused innovation strategy, we are launching 16 additional brand safety and suitability categories that cover unique content types and industry verticals. Advertisers can ensure brand equity protection by leveraging DV’s new AI-powered classification categories, and align their advertising with suitable content on TikTok according to each brand’s specific needs and objectives.”

Partnership for Brand Protection

DV's Universal Content Intelligence engine, honed over 15 years, uses AI to analyze all content elements (visual, audio, text, etc.) for the most accurate classification. This technology helps TikTok advertisers seeking the highest level of brand safety and suitability.

“TikTok is continuously building and refining our brand safety and suitability solutions for advertisers, and evolving to stay ahead of emerging needs," said Chen-Lin Lee, Global Head of Measurement and Data Partnerships at TikTok. "We are excited to be partnering with trusted third-party measurement provider DoubleVerify to complement our own TikTok Inventory Filter, and our new brand suitability controls Category Exclusion and Vertical Sensitivity, so advertisers are confident in the tools that empower them to connect with our community."

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