DoubleVerify offers first-ever measurement and verification tools for Reddit Ads

DoubleVerify's measurement solutions are now available for all Reddit ad formats, including image ads, video ads, free-form text ads, and carousel ads.

Reddit Ads
Reddit Ads

DoubleVerify (DV) yesterday announced the launch of its comprehensive media authentication offering for Reddit advertising. This industry-first solution allows advertisers to leverage DV's independent measurement tools to verify the quality and effectiveness of their Reddit ad campaigns.

Reddit, a social news aggregation and discussion website, has become a popular platform for advertisers seeking to reach engaged audiences interested in various topics. According to the announcement, Reddit boasts over 100,000 active communities and attracts approximately 82 million daily active users, making it a significant source of online information and user engagement.

However, the user-generated content nature of Reddit also presents challenges for advertisers. The dynamic and constantly evolving content landscape necessitates independent verification to ensure ad placement quality and effectiveness.

What Does DoubleVerify's Solution Offer Advertisers?

DV's solution addresses these concerns by providing advertisers with several key benefits:

  • Brand Safety and Suitability: Advertisers can ensure their ads are displayed alongside appropriate content that aligns with their brand values. DV's brand safety and suitability measurement helps to avoid brand reputation risks associated with inappropriate ad placement.
  • Fraud Detection: DoubleVerify's technology identifies and protects against invalid traffic (IVT) and fraudulent activities such as bot manipulation and hijacked devices. This ensures that ad impressions are genuine and represent real user interactions.
  • Viewability Measurement: Advertisers gain insights into whether their ads have the potential to be seen by users. DV's viewability measurement provides valuable data on ad visibility, shedding light on campaign reach and impact.
  • In-Geo Delivery Verification: The solution verifies that ads are delivered within the targeted geographic regions specified by advertisers, preventing wasted impressions outside the intended audience location.

Collaboration and Transparency

The announcement highlights the importance of collaboration between platforms like Reddit and measurement providers like DoubleVerify. This partnership allows for greater transparency and trust in the digital advertising ecosystem. According to Harold Klaje, Reddit's Chief Revenue Officer, "Third-party verification is an important part of delivering confidence" to advertisers.

DoubleVerify's Technology

DV's brand safety and suitability solution is powered by its industry-leading classification engine, DoubleVerify Universal Content Intelligence. This technology leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze various content elements, including video, image, audio, text, and links. This comprehensive analysis ensures accurate content classification and safeguards brand safety at scale.

Availability and Integration

DoubleVerify's measurement solutions are now available for all Reddit ad formats, including image ads, video ads, free-form text ads, and carousel ads. Advertisers can leverage DV's tools to gain insights and optimize campaigns across their entire Reddit advertising portfolio.

The launch of DoubleVerify's measurement and verification solution signifies a significant development for Reddit advertising. By offering independent verification tools, DV empowers advertisers to make informed decisions, optimize campaign performance, and ensure brand safety within the unique environment of Reddit. This collaboration between DV and Reddit has the potential to increase trust and transparency in the Reddit advertising space, ultimately benefiting both advertisers and the platform itself.

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