DuckDuckGo is now working with Apple Maps

DuckDuckGo this week announced that is using Apple to display maps.  DuckDuckGo says that it doesn’t share any personally identifiable  information such as IP address with Apple and that user’s approximate  location information, sent by the browser, is discarded immediately  after use on the local searches.

Apple’s MapKit JS framework is powering the mapping features on  DuckDuckGo. The mapping features are Map Re-Querying, Local  Autocomplete, Dedicated Maps Tab, and Dark Mode.

Map Re-Querying

On DuckDuckGo Maps, users can now refine the search directly nearby  the map, where previously each new map-related search required returning  to a regular DuckDuckGo Search page. Moving around the map or zooming  will also update the search.

Local Autocomplete

Updating or typing new search queries will now dynamically show  search suggestions that are tailored to the local region displayed.

Dedicated Maps Tab

DuckDuckGo now shows a dedicated Maps tab at the top of every search  results page. Previously DuckDuckGo did this only for searches that they  assumed were map-related.

Dark Mode

DuckDuckGo Maps (Apple-powered) now switch to dark mode for a coherent look.

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