DV360 to launch publisher eligibility checks for CTV creatives

DV360 to launch publisher eligibility checks for CTV creatives

Google's Display & Video 360 platform this month introducing new publisher eligibility checks, significantly enhancing the creative management process for connected TV (CTV) advertising.

This new feature will give advertisers the ability to proactively ensure their CTV creatives comply with publisher-specific requirements, minimizing friction in the ad delivery process.

The surge in popularity of CTV has created a complex landscape of technical specifications and publisher guidelines. DV360's eligibility checks aim to address this, providing greater campaign efficiency and a smoother experience for advertisers.

Key benefits of the new publisher eligibility checks:

  • Pre-Approval Verification: Advertisers can review their CTV assets before submission, potentially avoiding costly delays due to non-compliance with publisher requirements.
  • Improved Campaign Velocity: The proactive identification of issues helps expedite the approval process, ensuring faster campaign launches.
  • Enhanced Transparency: The streamlined workflow offers increased transparency into the CTV advertising landscape.

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