DV360 unveils new Insertion Order Objectives

Google this week announced a new feature for Display & Video 360 (DV360): Insertion Order Objectives.


Google this week announced a new feature for Display & Video 360 (DV360): Insertion Order Objectives. This update aims to make AI-powered optimizations and recommendations aligned with your ultimate KPI. 

What are Insertion Orders (IOs) in DV360?

An insertion order (IO) is a fundamental unit within DV360 campaign management. It functions as a container that houses all the settings and budget allocations for a specific advertising campaign. An insertion order typically includes details like:

  • Budget: The total amount of money allocated for the campaign
  • Flight Dates: The start and end dates for the campaign's ad serving
  • Line Items: Individual components within the campaign that specify the ad formats, creatives, and bidding strategies for specific placements

What are Insertion Order Objectives?

Insertion order objectives are a new selection element within the DV360 campaign creation workflow. When creating a new insertion order, users will now be prompted to choose an objective that best reflects their overall campaign goal.

The chosen objective will influence several aspects of the campaign setup within the insertion order:

Default KPIs (Key Performance Indicators): Depending on the selected objective, DV360 will pre-populate the campaign with relevant KPIs for measuring success. For instance, an objective focused on brand awareness might prioritize metrics like impressions or video completion rate, while a conversion-oriented objective might emphasize clicks or conversions.

Available Line Item Types: The objective will also determine the types of line items that can be created within the insertion order. For example, an objective focused on app installs would likely only allow for app install line items, while a branding objective might offer display and video ad formats.

Bid Strategy Recommendations: DV360's AI-powered bidding strategies will be tailored towards the chosen objective. An objective focused on maximizing conversions might suggest a "Maximize Conversions" bidding strategy, while a brand awareness objective might recommend a "Maximize Viewable Impressions" strategy.

Benefits of Insertion Order Objectives

The introduction of insertion order objectives offers several potential benefits for DV360 users:

Streamlined Campaign Creation: By pre-populating relevant settings and recommendations, objectives can simplify and expedite the campaign creation process.

Improved Goal Alignment: Objectives ensure that all elements within the insertion order (KPIs, line items, and bidding strategies) are aligned towards achieving the same overarching goal.

AI-powered Optimization: By understanding the campaign's objective, DV360 can leverage its machine learning capabilities to optimize ad delivery and budget allocation for achieving the desired outcome.

Existing Insertion Orders

According to Google, existing insertion orders within DV360 accounts will be automatically assigned objectives based on their current bidding strategies and the types of line items they contain. Users will also have the flexibility to edit the assigned objective to "No objective" if they require more granular control over KPIs, line item types, and bid strategies within the campaign.

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