EDPB on the minimum thresholds for cookies banners

EDPB on the minimum thresholds for cookies banners

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) last week released a report with minimum thresholds for the cookie / consent banners. EDPB issued the report in reaction to over 700 cookie banner complaints from noyb.

The report restricts the minimum thresholds and finds unlawful pre-ticked boxes, tiny links in another text, links outside the cookie banner, claiming legitimate interest for installing non-essential cookies, not offering a permanent option to withdraw consent, and no reject option on the first layer (but hidden in a sub-layer).

“We are very happy that the authorities agreed on the minimum threshold for protections against abusive banners. Cookie banners became the poster child of the GDPR being undermined. We need authorities to take urgent action, to ensure citizens’ trust in European privacy laws,” said Ala Krinickytė, data protection lawyer at noyb.

Noyb says this document can be the first step to ensure minimum requirements for cookie banners.

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