eyeo launches an ad platform reaching 225 million ad blocker users

eyeo launches an ad platform reaching 225 million ad blocker users

eyeo this month launched Trestle, a DSP (Demand Side Platform) reaching over 225 million ad-filtering users who consent to see Acceptable Ads.

Trestle is available only in the US, but eyeo plans to launch other markets in future.

eyeo claims to reach a tech-savy, younger, and educated audience that uses Adblock Plus, Adblock, and Adblock Browser, and accept to see Acceptable Ads. eyeo owns Adblock Plus.

Trestle has a reach of 43 million users in Americas, 65 million users in Europe, 89 million users in Asia, 20 million users in Africa, and 3 million users in Oceania.

Acceptable Ads, served via Trestle, can’t disrupt the natural reading flow, need to be labeled with advertisiment, and need to meet requirements in size.

“Acceptable Ads has a strict criteria that has to be respected and Trestle ensures that advertisers are able to reach these users with ease in one single marketplace,” said Aditya Padhye, General Manager Trestle at eyeo.

How does it work?

  1. An “ad-filtering” user visits a website that supports Acceptable Ads.
  2. The website checks for an ad blocker and sends a limited number of ad requests to an Acceptable Ads Supply Side Platform (SSP).
  3. The ad exchange generates a bid request to the relevant Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).
  4. Acceptable Ads-compliant, as well as non-compliant, creatives participate in the auction.
  5. Trestle ensures the creative is compliant with the Acceptable Ads Standard and the trackers are served.
  6. The Acceptable Ads SSP checks for a compliant creative and serves the ad.

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