Facebook deprecates Additional Page Insights API Metrics

Facebook yesterday announced the deprecation of additional Page Insights API metrics.

Facebook deprecates Additional Page Insights API Metrics

Facebook yesterday announced the deprecation of additional Page Insights API metrics. This follows an initial round of metric removals announced in December 2023, coinciding with the migration of all Facebook Pages to the new Pages experience.

Facebook is phasing out metrics within the Page Insights API that are no longer considered relevant or useful for the new Pages experience. According to Facebook, some of the deprecated metrics are no longer industry standards.

This update primarily affects developers who integrate Facebook Pages Insights data into their applications. The deprecated metrics will cease to function on September 16, 2024, and calling them through the API will result in an "invalid metric" error.

To avoid disruption to their applications, developers are encouraged to:

  • Review the list of deprecated metrics: This list can be found on the Facebook developer changelog
  • Update their applications to stop using the deprecated metrics before September 16, 2024.

While this update may cause some short-term inconvenience for developers, Facebook suggests it will ultimately improve the quality and consistency of metrics available through the Page Insights API for the new Pages experience.

Deprecated metrics

  • page_cta_clicks_logged_in_unique
  • page_cta_clicks_logged_in_total
  • post_cta_clicks_total
  • post_cta_clicks_by_type
  • page_call_phone_clicks_logged_in_unique
  • page_call_phone_clicks_logged_in_count
  • page_website_clicks_logged_in_unique
  • page_website_clicks_logged_in_count
  • page_get_directions_clicks_logged_in_unique
  • page_get_directions_clicks_logged_in_count
  • page_consumptions_unique
  • page_consumptions_by_consumption_type
  • page_consumptions_by_consumption_type_unique
  • page_negative_feedback
  • page_negative_feedback_unique
  • page_negative_feedback_by_type
  • page_negative_feedback_by_type_unique
  • page_fans_online
  • page_fans_online_per_day
  • page_places_checkin_total
  • page_places_checkin_total_unique
  • page_impressions_by_age_gender_unique
  • page_impressions_by_city_unique
  • page_impressions_by_country_id_unique
  • page_impressions_by_country_unique
  • page_impressions_by_locale_unique
  • page_impressions_by_paid_non_paid
  • page_impressions_by_paid_non_paid_unique
  • page_impressions_by_story_type
  • page_impressions_by_story_type_unique
  • page_impressions_organic_unique_v2
  • page_impressions_organic_v2
  • page_posts_impressions_by_paid_non_paid
  • page_posts_impressions_by_paid_non_paid_unique
  • page_posts_impressions_organic
  • page_posts_impressions_organic_unique
  • page_posts_impressions_organic_v2
  • post_engaged_users*
  • post_negative_feedback*
  • post_negative_feedback_unique*
  • post_negative_feedback_by_type*
  • post_negative_feedback_by_type_unique*
  • post_engaged_fan
  • post_clicks_unique*
  • post_clicks_by_type_unique
  • post_impressions_by_story_type*
  • post_impressions_by_story_type_unique*
  • post_impressions_by_paid_non_paid
  • page_views
  • page_views_unique
  • page_daily_follows_by_paid_non_paid_unique
  • page_story_adds_by_country_unique
  • page_views_login_unique
  • page_views_login
  • page_tab_views_login_top_unique
  • page_tab_views_login_top
  • page_views_logout
  • page_tab_views_logout_top
  • page_places_checkins_by_city
  • page_places_checkins_by_locale
  • page_palces_checkins_by_age_gender
  • page_places_checkins_by_country
  • page_views_external_referrals
  • page_fans_by_like_source
  • page_fans_by_like_source_unique
  • page_fans_by_unlike_source
  • page_fans_by_unlike_source_unique
  • page_call_phone_clicks_logged_in_by_locale_unique
  • page_website_clicks_logged_in_by_city_unique
  • page_website_clicks_logged_in_by_country_unique
  • page_website_clicks_logged_in_by_locale_unique
  • page_daily_follows_by_source
  • page_daily_follows_by_source_unique
  • page_daily_unfollows_by_source
  • page_daily_unfollows_by_source_unique
  • page_impressions_frequency_distribution
  • page_posts_impressions_frequency_distribution
  • page_impressions_viral_frequency_distribution

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