Facebook launches a Playable Preview Tool to validate assets used in Playable Ads

Facebook last month launched a Playable Preview Tool. With Playable Preview Tool, advertisers can test and validate assets used in Playable Ads.

Playable Ads is a Facebook ad format that enables users to preview a mobile app before downloading it.

What the Playable Preview Tool does?

The Playable Preview Tool checks if the file meets all specifications for Playable Ads, displays errors, if there are any, displays a preview of the asset, if the file meets all requirements, and validates if the Click to Action is correctly implemented.

Creative agencies can also test and preview the file even without uploading it to Facebook. The Playable Preview Tool only supports HTML files.

How to use the Playable Preview Tool?

  1. Inside developers.facebook.com, navigate to Tools.
  2. Under Playable Preview, upload your HTML asset.

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