Facebook rolls out updated Video Player, prioritizes short-form content

Facebook rolls out updated Video Player, prioritizes short-form content
Facebook rolls out updated Video Player

Facebook today announced an overhauled video experience, introducing a redesigned fullscreen player emphasizing short-form videos and Reels. The update, meant to capitalize on the popularity of TikTok-style content, will initially arrive for users in the US and Canada before a global rollout later this year.

Key Changes:

  • Fullscreen Vertical Focus: Tapping on any video on Facebook will now launch a fullscreen, vertically oriented player, enhancing the mobile viewing experience.
  • Improved Recommendations: Facebook's recommendations will surface more relevant videos, especially Reels, based on users' interests, regardless of video length.
  • New Playback Controls: The updated player will include features like:
    • Fullscreen Button: Easily switch horizontal videos to landscape mode.
    • Navigational Slider: Quickly move through longer videos.
    • 10-Second Skip: Jump forward or rewind in 10-second increments for precise viewing.

Emphasis on Short-Form Video

While the new player accommodates all video formats, Facebook is clearly prioritizing Reels to compete with platforms like TikTok. Creators can expect increased discoverability and reach for Reels content due to the updated recommendations system.

What this Means for Creators

  • Vertical is Key: To maximize success, focus on high-quality, vertically-shot content, especially shorter Reels.
  • Longer Videos Still Important: Facebook remains a platform for long-form videos, but be aware of the increased emphasis on Reels.
  • Adapt Existing Content: Repurpose content wherever possible into vertical formats for Reels while maintaining quality.
  • Authenticity and Engagement Matter: Regardless of format, produce unique, captivating, and shareable content.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Both Reels and traditional videos are still eligible for Instream Ads and Ads on Facebook Reels.

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