Firebase Crashlytics come out of the beta last month

Google developed a tool to help developers to track, prioritize, and fix stability issues in real-time. It´s called Firebase Crashlytics and is out of beta since March and the release included new features: Integration with Analytics events; Crash insights; Pinning important builds; and dSYM uploading.

Integration with Analytics events allows advertisers and developers to see breadcrumbs within the Crashlytics section of the Firebase console. Breadcrumbs are the automatically created Analytics events that help you retrace user actions preceding a crash.

Crash insights are aggregated crash data for common trends. According to Google the insights automatically highlights potential root causes and gives you additional context on the underlying problems.

Pinning important builds allows developers to “pin” the most important builds which will appear at the top of the console.

With dSYM uploading, developpers can can manually upload the dSYM for cases where it cannot be automatically uploaded.

Google says to take Doodle as example. Doodle used Crashlytics and Remote Config to redesign their app and increase retention and engagement. Here the video: