Flashtalking and Adobe announce deeper integration

Adobe Advertising Cloud announced a broad partnership with Flashtalking last month. The platforms will enable advertisers to analyze data on their own terms at a granular level, Adobe announced.

According to Adobe, the partnership emerges in the wake of more restrictive data practices in the industry, offering an alternative to advertisers who’ve come to expect transparency and unhindered optimization.

“If brands can’t access data about who they are reaching, can’t own their own data and can’t have their ad buys independently verified then many of the advantages of working with advertising technology are reduced. That’s why the partnership between Flashtalking and top buying platform Adobe Advertising Cloud holds so much promise. For advertisers that value control of their own data and wish to separate media sales from delivery and measurement, this is a truly independent, robust and easy-to-integrate alternative.”

Andy Pocock, SVP of Business Development at Flashtalking

Adobe Advertising Cloud and Flashtalking are committed to delivering:

  • Combine media exposure data in Flashtalking’s ad server to pre- and post-bid event data in Adobe Advertising Cloud’s DSP at a user-ID level;
  • Advertisers will then be able to push that data to a platform of their choice or allow deeper analysis within Flashtalking;
  • Map the customer journey across audiences, devices, and screens for a holistic view of user engagement;
  • Tie ads bought to online and offline results to optimize media buys on an accurate cost basis, which has been a challenge in the industry;
  • Analyze and maximize de-duplicated reach of an advertiser’s target audience and manage global frequency across direct and automated ad buys;
  • Have a seamless workflow to track and traffic both campaigns and data from Flashtalking’s ad server to Adobe Advertising Cloud’s DSP, and vice versa;
  • Connect online engagement to offline conversions, including sales, store visits, and brand lift;
  • In addition, Advertising Cloud customers will be able to seamlessly activate Flashtalking’s pre-certified ad serving solutions; similarly, Flashtalking customers will be able to easily activate Advertising Cloud’s Creative, Search and omni-channel DSP solutions.

“This partnership gives advertisers who value control of their own data, or who believe in checks and balances and wish to separate media sales from delivery and measurement, a true alternative to access and measure performance at a deeper level across direct and automated ad buys. By combining Adobe Advertising Cloud’s advertising platform — which aggregates roughly $3 billion in ad spend across both TV and digital — with top capabilities from Flashtalking, advertisers can embrace an open ecosystem that minimizes friction and potential conflicts of interest.”

Sahil Gupta, Director of Global Partnerships at Adobe Advertising Cloud

Keith Eadie, VP & GM, Advertising Cloud at Adobe says the adserver is a strategic decision nowadays, as it is the platform that owns the last mile — connecting audiences, media, and creative. Flashtalking is a data-driven ad management and analytics technology company founded in 2009.