Forrester: Amobee, 4C, and Adobe are the leader cross-channel video advertising platforms

Forrester: Amobee, 4C, and Adobe are the leader cross-channel video advertising platforms

Forrester this week released an evaluation of the emerging market for cross-channel video advertising platforms, where Amobee, 4C, and Adobe were considered the leaders.

The study included 4C, Adobe, Amobee, Cadent, Centro, dataxu, MediaMath, Mediaocean, Simulmedia, The Trade Desk, Verizon Media, VideoAmp, and Xandr.

dataxu, The Trade Desk, VideoAmp, and Xandr were considered Strong Performers; Mediaocean, Cadent, MediaMath, Simulmedia, and Verizon Media were considered Contenders; and Centro is considered as a Challenger.

Here the winners per category

  • Plan/Schedule building: Amobee, 4C, VideoAmp
  • Buying: traditional linear: 4C, Adobe
  • Buying: set-top box: Adobe, Xandr, Cadent
  • Buying: OTT/CTV: Amobee, data, The Trade Desk
  • Audience discovery and building: Amobee, 4C, dataxu
  • Buying: online video: dataxu, The Trade Desk, MediaMath
  • Measurement: Amobee, dataxu, The Trade Desk, VideoAmp, Cadent
  • Company vision: Amobee, 4C, Adobe, VideoAmp, Xandr, Mediaocean,
  • Product vision: Amobee, 4C, Adobe, Mediaocean
  • Product roadmap: Amobee, 4C, Adobe, dataxu, The Trade Desk
“The last year has been transformative for Amobee, and we believe Forrester’s independent research analysis validates our strategy and investments as we expand our offerings to include advanced TV and digital video solutions, with sophisticated data-driven linear TV planning tools and premium inventory opportunities for advertisers and agencies worldwide,” says Kim Perell, Chief Executive Officer at Amobee. “The acquisition of Videology has also allowed Amobee to focus on serving the needs of the world’s largest broadcasters and media sellers for both linear and digital television and we’re proud to be a leader in the convergence of TV and digital.”

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