FreeWheel and MediaScience reveals How to Optimize Ad Pods for Optimal Viewer Experience

FreeWheel and MediaScience reveals How to Optimize Ad Pods for Optimal Viewer Experience
Respondents Who Felt Ad Breaks Were Longer than Expected

FreeWheel yesterday released new findings from its Viewer Experience Lab initiative, providing valuable insights for publishers and advertisers on how to optimize ad pods to enhance the viewing experience and boost brand impact.

In the study, FreeWheel and MediaScience conducted research with over 700 viewers who were exposed to different ad pod lengths, ad durations, and frequencies. The results revealed clear patterns in viewer sentiment and ad recall, providing actionable recommendations for structuring ad pods effectively.

Key Findings

  1. Ad Break Length: Ad breaks of two minutes or less were found to be the most preferred by viewers, leading to improved brand recall and a more positive overall viewing experience.
  2. Ad Pod Architecture: Consistency in ad lengths within individual pods was shown to significantly enhance viewer sentiment and make the breaks feel shorter.
  3. Ad Frequency: Capping the frequency of each ad to two or three per program was found to positively impact ad recognition and brand purchase intent.

Implications for Publishers and Advertisers

These findings have significant implications for both publishers and advertisers in the evolving TV landscape. For publishers, optimizing ad pods based on these recommendations can enhance viewer satisfaction, reduce churn, and improve the overall viewing experience. For advertisers, it means ensuring their ads are being seen by receptive audiences, leading to better brand recognition and increased purchase intent.

 “With so much choice for consumers on how and where they engage with content, it’s more important than ever that platforms prioritize the viewer. This research provides practical considerations for publishers to make the ad experience better and limit subscription churn, while giving brands the best environment to connect with viewers,” said Mark McKee, General Manager, FreeWheel.

The Viewer Experience Lab study is a collaborative effort between FreeWheel and MediaScience, demonstrating the importance of data-driven insights in shaping the future of TV advertising.

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