Checklist for buying premium TV advertising

Checklist for buying premium TV advertising
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In a move to enhance transparency and accountability in the video advertising industry, last month, the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) and the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) have collaborated to introduce a new checklist for buying premium TV advertising.

This checklist, titled Buying Premium Video: A Definitive Checklist, outlines the key factors that buyers and sellers should consider when engaging in video transactions.

The checklist emphasizes three critical aspects of premium video advertising:

  1. Quality Environment: Ensuring a positive viewing experience for audiences by maintaining high-quality content delivery, reducing ad clutter, and employing trusted programmatic methods.
  2. Brand Safety: Upholding brand requirements and safeguarding against objectionable content through robust verification processes and accountability measures.
  3. Transparency & Legitimacy: Providing clear and comprehensive information about the video inventory being purchased, ensuring viewable ads are placed in appropriate content, and verifying that ads are seen by real people.

The checklist also introduces a new definition for premium video, based on research conducted by Comcast Advertising: "Premium video is content delivered transparently, in a trusted, brand-safe environment, seen by real people within a high-quality viewing experience."

This definition underscores the importance of transparency, quality, and brand safety in premium video advertising. By adhering to these principles, buyers can make informed decisions that maximize brand growth and optimize their video advertising investments.

The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) is an industry group composed of over 30 premium video providers, including leading programmers, operators, and digital pure-plays. The Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) represents the national TV networks and a broader community of influential media companies.

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