Fubo boasts High Viewer Attention in new report

Fubo boasts High Viewer Attention in new report

Sports-first live TV streaming platform FuboTV yesterday announced findings from a study by TVision, a company specializing in measuring television viewer engagement. According to the data, Fubo audiences demonstrate higher attention levels compared to viewers on other streaming platforms and traditional cable television. This news could have significant implications for advertisers looking to reach engaged audiences.

The TVision study, as reported by Fubo, revealed that viewers aged 25-54 are at least 23% more likely to be present while watching content on Fubo compared to other benchmark categories, including cable and all categories of Connected TV (CTV). CTV refers to streaming video content delivered through internet-connected devices like smart TVs and streaming sticks.

Furthermore, the study suggests that content on Fubo captures 33% more attention than cable and a staggering 70% more attention than typical virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (vMVPDs) among the same demographic. vMVPDs are streaming services that offer live TV channels in a way that mimics traditional cable or satellite television packages.

These findings highlight a potential advantage for Fubo in the competitive streaming landscape. Viewer attention is a crucial metric for advertisers, as it directly impacts the effectiveness of their messaging. Advertisers are increasingly seeking platforms where viewers are actively engaged with the content, rather than passively watching or multitasking on other devices.

Fubo's audience profile

Fubo's core audience skews towards sports fans, particularly those interested in live broadcasts. This demographic is known for its high level of engagement with the content they consume. However, the TVision study suggests that Fubo may be attracting a broader audience as well, potentially due to its expanding content library beyond just sports.

It's important to note that the TVision study is based on a specific methodology and may not be universally applicable. However, the findings support the growing notion that Fubo offers a unique viewing experience with a highly engaged audience.

Impact on advertisers

The reported high viewer attention on Fubo could be particularly attractive to advertisers in several ways:

Increased Ad Effectiveness: With viewers more focused on the content, Fubo ads have the potential to resonate more effectively, leading to better brand recall and purchase intent.

Premium Ad Pricing: Fubo's ability to demonstrate higher viewer attention levels could allow the platform to command premium pricing for ad inventory, potentially benefiting both Fubo and advertisers seeking a high return on ad spend (ROAS).

Targeted Advertising Opportunities: Fubo's audience data, combined with viewer attention insights, could enable advertisers to target their campaigns more effectively, reaching specific demographics and interests within the platform's user base.

Fubo's announcement regarding viewer attention highlights the growing importance of measuring and understanding audience engagement within the streaming landscape. Advertisers are likely to prioritize platforms that can demonstrate not just audience size, but also the quality of that audience's attention.

While further research may be needed to solidify these findings, Fubo's data suggests a promising opportunity for advertisers seeking engaged viewers. Marketers should stay informed about evolving audience behavior and platform-specific engagement metrics to optimize their advertising strategies in the ever-changing world of streaming television.

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