Fubo Introduces innovative CTV ad units, expanding options for marketers

Fubo Introduces innovative CTV ad units, expanding options for marketers

FuboTV, a leader in sports-first live TV streaming, today announced a suite of four new Connected TV (CTV) ad formats, during the IAB NewFronts.

These new ad units demonstrate Fubo's commitment to innovation, building upon the company's history of introducing first-to-market solutions in the industry, such as dynamic ad insertion and AI-powered features for consumers.

Fubo's new ad offerings cater to a growing demand for interactive and engaging CTV advertising experiences. Here's a closer look at each format:

  • The Marquee: This unique concept allows brands to create highly visible content sponsorships on Fubo's home screen. Marketers can curate carousels featuring branded and themed backgrounds, custom titles, logos, and content, effectively creating an immersive brand experience for viewers.
  • Interactive Ads: Designed to drive brand awareness and conversions, these ad units enhance video ads and select content with interactive features. Viewers can directly interact with calls to action using their remote control, promoting deeper engagement beyond simply watching the ad.
  • Pause Ads: Appearing a few seconds after a viewer pauses content, these ads disappear when playback resumes. Pause ads offer valuable real estate to capture attention during a natural break in viewing and can incorporate QR codes for further interaction.
  • Enhanced Banner Ads: Fubo is also improving its targeting capabilities for classic banner ads, giving brands more precise control over who sees their placements. This allows for highly targeted messaging that reaches specific audience segments within Fubo's user base.

Reaching a valuable and underserved audience

Fubo's new ad solutions go beyond simply offering more options. The company positions these formats as tools for brands to tap into a valuable and growing audience segment. According to iSpot.TV data (July 2023 - March 2024), 62% of ad impressions served on Fubo reach households unreachable on traditional linear TV. This highlights the potential for brands to connect with a unique and often-overlooked audience segment.

Dina Roman, SVP, Global Ad Sales at Fubo, emphasizes the importance of these innovations: “As a company of firsts, Fubo’s ethos is rooted in innovation and enhancing ad opportunities on our platform is the next iteration of this. As advertisers are determining their upfront investments, we’re offering a plethora of creative ways to reach our unduplicated, premium audience. Our new ad units make way for high impact brand activations that drive even deeper levels of attention and engagement.”

By providing more engaging and targeted ad formats, Fubo positions itself as a leader in CTV advertising innovation. With the increasing popularity of cord-cutting and cord-shaving, Fubo's new ad offerings provide valuable tools for marketers seeking to reach audiences who are shifting their viewing habits away from traditional linear TV.

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