FuboTV expands reach on Comcast platforms

FuboTV now offers more Live TV Streaming Options for Xfinity Internet Customers.


FuboTV, a live TV streaming service known for its focus on sports content, this week announced its launch on Comcast's Xfinity Flex, Xumo Stream Box, and Xumo TV platforms. This expansion broadens the live TV streaming options available to Xfinity Internet customers, particularly those who prioritize sports channels.

FuboTV is a subscription-based streaming service that offers live TV channels, including sports, news, and entertainment content. According to Nielsen Total Viewers data from 2023, FuboTV is the only live TV streaming platform that carries every Nielsen-rated sports channel. The service boasts over 400 channels in total, with a strong emphasis on sports coverage, encompassing local broadcasts and national networks.

What are Xfinity Flex, Xumo Stream Box, and Xumo TV?

  • Xfinity Flex: A streaming device offered by Comcast that allows users to access various streaming services, including live TV, on-demand content, and apps.
  • Xumo Stream Box: A free streaming device offered by Comcast that provides access to ad-supported streaming services, including Xumo Play, Tubi, and Pluto TV.
  • Xumo TV: A line of smart TVs pre-loaded with the Xumo operating system, offering access to free, ad-supported streaming services.

This collaboration benefits both companies:

FuboTV: Gains access to a wider audience of potential subscribers, particularly Xfinity Internet customers who are already invested in Comcast's ecosystem.

Comcast: Expands its offerings for live TV streaming, catering to the growing demand for this service, especially among sports fans. Additionally, it strengthens Comcast's position in the competitive streaming market.

Xfinity Internet customers can access FuboTV through the app available on these platforms. The service also integrates with some devices' voice control functionalities, allowing users to launch the app by simply saying "Fubo" into their remote control.

The live TV streaming market is experiencing significant growth, with viewers increasingly opting for cord-cutting and flexible viewing options. This trend is particularly evident among sports fans who desire access to a wider range of sports channels. The addition of FuboTV to Comcast's platforms reflects this growing demand and aligns with FuboTV's strategy of expanding its reach.

It's important to note that FuboTV is a subscription-based service, unlike some of the free, ad-supported options available on Xumo Stream Box and Xumo TV. While the press release mentions user statistics suggesting a preference for watching live sports on larger screens, it's worth considering that streaming device functionality and pricing structures can also influence user choices.

This launch is one of several developments in the live TV streaming landscape: This year was reported the potential launch of a joint venture by Walt Disney Company, Fox Corporation, and Warner Brothers Discovery, which could further shake up the market.

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