Microsoft: Generative AI surges in popularity

Microsoft: Generative AI surges in popularity
AI-related searches have skyrocketed

Artificial intelligence (AI), specifically generative AI, has captivated the public imagination. Search trend data from Microsoft reveals significant growth in this area, offering valuable insights for advertisers and marketers.

AI-related searches have skyrocketed
AI-related searches have skyrocketed

Since the debut of ChatGPT in late 2022, AI-related searches have skyrocketed. Comparing 2023 to 2022 reveals a staggering 566% year-over-year increase, with no signs of slowing down. Remarkably, AI searches are outpacing other software searches by over 3x.

What's Driving the Trend?

  • Image Generation: Image generation fuels much of this growth, with text generation, voice, music, and video creation close behind. This highlights the fascination with generative AI's ability to create and manipulate content.
  • Brand Trust: AI-focused tech companies dominate search queries, demonstrating consumer trust in established brands for information and updates.

Healthcare, law, finance, insurance, and real estate top the list of industries where the public is exploring AI's impact.

The User Journey

  • Discovery Phase: Non-branded searches (e.g., "AI in healthcare") are crucial in the early stages of exploration.
  • Brand Focus: Search journeys typically conclude with a specific brand search or interaction, emphasizing the value of a strong brand presence.
  • Opportunity Window: AI searchers often have longer decision journeys, providing ample time for multi-channel marketing approaches.

Understanding your Audience

Search data reveals distinct AI audience segments. Noteworthy are:

  • Image Enthusiasts: Users specifically focused on image generation.
  • Text Generators: Individuals seeking AI's text-based abilities.
  • Students: A significant driver of AI-related searches.
  • Enterprise/B2B: Professionals exploring AI for business use.

Microsoft recommendations for Advertisers

  • Harness the Momentum: Invest in generative AI keywords to capitalize on rising search volume and lower costs-per-click.
  • Full-Funnel Strategy: Target both branded and non-branded keywords to reach users throughout their journey.
  • Multi-Channel Approach: Capture longer decision cycles with tactics like remarketing and cross-platform campaigns.
  • Targeted Audiences: Focus on students, enterprise searchers, and tech-savvy individuals.

Search trends undeniably reflect the rapid rise of generative AI. Advertisers understanding these trends can seize opportunities for enhanced visibility and engagement with this growing audience.

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