Google Ad Manager unveils deeper auction insights in data transfer

Google Ad Manager unveils deeper auction insights in data transfer
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Google Ad Manager last month dropped a significant update in their January 29th release, offering transparency into auction dynamics through enhanced Data Transfer functionalities.

New joinable "Bids Data Transfer" file: This game-changer grants access to details of all bids (excluding EEA users) for your inventory, regardless of whether they won the auction. Analyze winning and losing bids side-by-side to unearth bidding trends and optimize your strategy. Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

Auction details in "NetworkBackfillBidsJoinable" file: Dive deeper into individual auctions with information like bid price, rejection reason, and seller reserve price. Gain insights into competition, understand why bids lose, and refine your pricing strategy accordingly.

Comprehensive data fields: The new files reveal a wealth of information, including deal type, bid source, country, mobile app ID, and optimization type. Use this granular data to analyze performance by segment, identify optimization opportunities, and make informed decisions.

Actionable Insights

Improved targeting and pricing: Publishers with a clearer understanding of their auction landscape, can tailor targeting strategies for specific buyer segments and adjust pricing to maximize revenue based on real-time bidding dynamics.

Identify and address weaknesses: Publishers can analyze lost bids to pinpoint areas for improvement, such as floor prices or deal terms that might be holding you back.

Optimize for changing conditions: Publishers can monitor bidding trends over time to adapt your strategy to market fluctuations and maximize yield in a dynamic environment.

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