Google Ads accounts now with 2-step verification and email domain restriction

Google is adding two optional layers of security to Google Ads. “In the coming weeks, Google will allow you to require 2-factor verification for all users on your Google Ads account,” wrote today Anthony Chavez, Director of Product Management at Google.

According to Google, 2-step verification requires Google Ads users to sign in to their account with a password and an additional step, like a text message code or security key.

To activate 2-step verification on Google Ads, users will have to click the tool icon in the top right corner of the Google Ads account to update the access settings. If the access is through the AdWords API or Google Ads API, users can also update the API access settings.

In addition to this security measure, Google will allow will also able the control account access invitations by email domain. That means only users with emails registered under a specific domain can be invited to access the Google Ads account.