Google Ads expands Lottery Courier advertising in the US (Except California)

Google Ads will allow licensed lottery courier services in 40 US states (except California) to advertise their services starting July 15, 2024.


Google today announced an update to its Google Ads Gambling and games policy, effective July 15, 2024. This update expands advertising opportunities for licensed lottery courier services in the United States, excluding California.

Previously, Google Ads only accepted advertisements for certain gambling-related activities, such as state-run lotteries and horseracing. The new policy allows licensed lottery courier services in 40 states (excluding California) to advertise their services through Google Ads.

Lottery couriers are businesses that facilitate participation in state-run lotteries for individuals who are not physically present in the state where the lottery is offered. They typically operate online or through mobile apps, allowing users to purchase lottery tickets remotely.

Requirements for Advertisers

Lottery courier advertisers on Google Ads must meet specific requirements:

  • Hold a valid license: Advertisers must possess a lottery courier license in at least one state that requires such licensing.
  • Target compliant states: Advertisements must target users in states where lottery courier services are legal.
  • Apply for Google Ads certification: Advertisers need to be certified by Google to promote gambling-related content.

This policy change caters to the growing popularity of lottery courier services in the US. It allows licensed lottery couriers to leverage Google Ads to reach potential customers more effectively.

However, some may raise concerns about the potential increase in gambling accessibility, particularly for those who might struggle with gambling addiction.

The expansion of Google Ads for lottery couriers reflects the evolving legal landscape surrounding online gambling in the US. It remains to be seen how this change will impact consumer behavior and the online gambling industry as a whole.

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