Google Ads introduces a Web to App Connect tool

Google Ads introduces a Web to App Connect tool
Web to App Connect

Google last month announced the launch of Web to App Connect, a tool in Google Ads that enables advertisers with apps to identify missing deep links, to set up conversion tracking in-app, and to estimate how many conversions and revenue was generated in-app, coming from web campaigns.

Deep links send mobile device users in the web directly to pages in an app rather than on the website. Users click on ads in web and go directly to the app pages. Deep links in Google Ads enable advertisers to measure app conversions, and estimate the revenue impact created by deep linking your mobile web ads.

Deep links are available for Search, Display, Shopping, App engagement, and App dynamic remarketing campaigns.

With the Web to App Connect tool, advertisers can generate a downloadable report to share with the app developers. The report contains the top URLs from the campaigns that should be deep linked, and a list of deep links that are not working properly.

Google says advertisers with a correct web-to-app integration delivered on average, 2 times higher conversion rates.

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