Google Ads introduces Brand Recommendations

Discover Google Ads' new recommendations for refining brand awareness & consideration campaigns.

Brand Recommendations
Brand Recommendations

Google this week launched Brand Recommendations within the Recommendations page of Google Ads. This AI-powered feature helps advertisers optimize brand awareness and consideration campaigns (utilizing CPM and CPV bidding) alongside existing performance recommendations for cost-per-action campaigns.

Brand Recommendations are a new addition to the Google Ads Recommendations section. This section analyzes an advertiser's account history, campaign settings, and industry trends to generate suggestions for improving campaign performance. These recommendations can introduce advertisers to new features and best practices to achieve their goals.

Advertisers running CPM or CPV campaigns can leverage Brand Recommendations in the Recommendations page. These recommendations are personalized for each advertiser and continuously updated. It's recommended to check the Recommendations page frequently as Google Ads discovers new recommendations and launches new types.

Five Categories of Brand Recommendations

Ads and Assets: Recommendations to refine brand ads, create new ads, prioritize high-performing ads, and organize ads into ad groups. Asset recommendations can particularly help advertisers improve ad performance and achieve brand goals. Here are some examples:

  • Add Bumper Ads
  • Include video aspect ratio
  • Funnel up with a Brand Campaign

Bidding and Budgets: Recommendations to find the right bidding strategy for business goals and ensure campaigns aren't limited by budget or bids. These recommendations include impact estimates to showcase how adjustments can increase brand awareness or market share. Examples include:

  • Adjust your CPM Budgets for flighted budgets
  • Adjust your CPV Budgets for flighted budgets
  • Adjust your tCPM Bids

Keywords and Targeting: Recommendations to reach more potential customers interested in the advertiser's offerings. Examples include:

  • Opt in to audience expansion
  • Create a new Ad Group without contextual targeting

Measurement: Recommendations to unlock additional reporting features for better insights into campaign performance. Examples include:

  • Link your YouTube account in Google Ads

How to Access Brand Recommendations

Advertisers can access Brand Recommendations within their Google Ads account by navigating to any active CPM or CPV campaign and checking for recommendations. Adopting these recommendations is considered a best practice to maximize brand campaign success.

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