Google Ads opens a beta for Lead Form Extensions on Search

Google Ads this week opened a beta for the Lead Form Extensions, a new ad extension that enables advertisers to display a form submission directly on Google Search. Lead Form Extensions works only on mobile.

Katerina Daveynis, Product Manager at Google Ads, wrote that Lead Form Extensions capture interest when potential customers are searching for a company, products or services. Lead Form Extensions eliminates the extra step of navigating to a mobile site lead form.

Users signed in to their Google account can tap a call-to-action such as “Get quote” or “Apply now” directly from the lead form extension. They’ll reach a Google-hosted form already pre-populated with their contact information, so they can submit the form with a single tap. From their initial search to form submission, it only takes seconds.

When a form opens, Google Ads track the action as a click. When the user submits their info, Google Ads tracks the action as a conversion.

Here how it works:

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