Google Ads Outlines Ideal Performance Max Campaign Structure

Google Ads Outlines Ideal Performance Max Campaign Structure
Performance Max

Google Ads has released guidance on building effective campaign structures for Performance Max campaigns, emphasizing consolidation and thematic grouping.

Key Principles:

  • Streamline and consolidate: More data empowers Google AI for better predictions and optimization. Separate campaigns should only exist for distinct goals, budgets, or ROAS/CPA targets.
  • Match structure to needs: Individual campaigns may be required for:
    • Different countries or languages.
    • Specific budgets/targets (e.g., store-centric).
    • Seasonal moments or events.
    • Variable ROI targets across product categories.
  • Leverage asset groups: Segment within campaigns using themed groups with relevant creative assets.
    • Example: An online university might segment degree programs and then class types within each.
  • Unified campaigns for consistent budgets: Use asset groups to segment evergreen and seasonal elements within a single campaign when budgets remain constant.

Case Studies:

  • Upgrading DSA and Display campaigns allows for easier "before" and "after" comparisons with equivalent settings.
  • Watches of Switzerland Group saw a 17% increase in store visit-to-purchase rate and a 54% higher average order value using Performance Max.

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