Google Ads to pause low-activity keywords

Google Ads to pause low-activity keywords

Google Ads this month informed advertisers about an upcoming change to how the platform handles low-activity keywords in search ad campaigns. This change is set to take effect in June 2024.

According to Google Ads, low-activity keywords are positive keywords within search ad campaigns that meet the following criteria:

  • The keyword was created over 13 months ago.
  • The keyword has zero impressions over the past 13 months.

Google stated that the automation aims to simplify account management for advertisers by removing inactive keywords. This will allow advertisers to focus on optimizing keywords that are driving results.

Google Ads will automatically pause low-activity keywords starting in June 2024. However, advertisers will still have the option to unpause these keywords if they believe they are still valuable for their campaigns.

Here are some steps advertisers can take to prepare for this change:

  • Review Low-Activity Keyword Report: Advertisers can access a report within Google Ads that identifies low-activity keywords. This report can help them determine which keywords may be paused and decide if any need to be unpaused.
  • Evaluate Campaign Goals: Advertisers should consider their overall campaign goals and budget when deciding which low-activity keywords to unpause. If a keyword aligns with campaign goals but has not received impressions recently, there may be reasons to adjust the keyword targeting or bidding strategy.
  • Monitor Performance Closely: After the update goes into effect, advertisers should monitor the performance of their campaigns, including the impact of pausing low-activity keywords. This will allow them to identify any unforeseen issues and make adjustments as needed.

Impact on advertisers

The automated pausing of low-activity keywords is likely to have a positive impact on most advertisers by streamlining account management and potentially reducing unnecessary ad spend. However, it is important for advertisers to be aware of the change and take steps to review their keyword lists and identify any keywords that should remain active.

Negative Impacts: While the change is intended to be beneficial, there is a potential risk that some keywords that could still be valuable might be paused. Advertisers should carefully review low-activity keywords before making decisions about pausing or unpausing.

The upcoming change to how Google Ads handles low-activity keywords is an important update for advertisers to be aware of. By taking proactive steps to review keyword performance and optimize campaigns, advertisers can minimize disruptions and potentially improve overall campaign effectiveness.

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