Google tests Topics, FLEDGE, and Attribution Reporting APIs in Chrome

Chrome will phase out support for third-party cookies over a three-month period finishing in late 2023.

Privacy Sandbox Beta in Canary version of Chrome
Privacy Sandbox Beta in Canary version of Chrome

Google today announced Chrome is starting the next stage of testing for the Privacy Sandbox proposals in the Canary version of Chrome.

Starting today, developers can begin testing globally the Topics, FLEDGE, and Attribution Reporting APIs.

Topics: Chrome browser-based ad personalization

Google says it will progress to a few Chrome Beta users as soon as possible, and once things are working smoothly in Beta, it will make API testing available in the stable version of Chrome to expand testing to more Chrome users.


The browser determines topics, like “Fitness” or “Travel & Transportation,” that represent user's top interests for that week based on the browsing history. According to Google, Topics are kept for three weeks and old topics are deleted.


FLEDGE is a Privacy Sandbox proposal to serve remarketing and custom audience use cases, designed so it cannot be used by third parties to track user browsing behavior across sites.

Attribution Reporting APIs

The Attribution Reporting API makes it possible to measure when an ad click or view leads to a conversion such as a purchase on an advertiser site.

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