Google brings TrueView Extensions to DV360

Google brings TrueView Extensions to DV360

c TrueView location and affiliate location extensions will be the first extensions to be supported.

According to Google, advertisers can use these extensions to show additional information alongside the TrueView ads. The extensions help advertisers to increase store visits and transactions.

Advertisers will be able to manage all the extensions from a new TrueView Extensions tab in the advertiser level.

Location extensions can help people find business locations. To use location extensions, advertisers need to have the physical location the advertiser is promoting, and that store needs to be listed in a Google My Business account.

Affiliate location extensions let advertisers promote third-party locations, or affiliates, that sell their products. If an advertiser sell products through major retail chains, advertisers can use affiliate location extensions to help people find nearby stores that sell the products.

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