Google enhances First Aid Information access on YouTube Search

Google enhances First Aid Information access on YouTube Search
YouTue Search CPR

YouTube yesterday announced it is making it easier to find first aid information on the platform. Google has introduced "first aid information shelves" that will be pinned to the top of search results for a variety of acute health topics, including CPR, choking/Heimlich, bleeding, heart attack, stroke, seizure, and opioid overdose. These shelves will feature easy-to-follow videos from authoritative health organizations, such as Mass General Brigham and the Mexican Red Cross.

In addition to the new shelves, YouTube has also partnered with the American Heart Association to publish a free CPR course on the platform. The course is designed to help people without a medical background learn hands-only CPR or refresh their skills.

The company's decision to enhance first aid information access is a step forward in making public health information more accessible. YouTube has a massive reach, with over 2 billion active users worldwide. By making first aid information more easily discoverable, the platform can help people save lives in emergencies.

Benefits of YouTube's new first aid information features

  • Easy to find: The first aid information shelves are prominently displayed at the top of search results, making them easy to find for people who need them most.
  • Authoritative: The videos on these shelves are from authoritative health organizations, so people can be confident that the information they are getting is accurate.
  • Multilingual: The shelves are available in English and Spanish, so people from all over the world can access the information they need.
  • Free: All of the videos on the shelves are free to watch, so people can learn about first aid without having to pay anything.

Overall, YouTube's new first aid information features are a valuable resource for people who want to learn about first aid. The platform's reach and the authority of the organizations that are providing the information make it a powerful tool for promoting public health.

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