Google expands language support in "About this image" and "About this result" features

Google expands language support in "About this image" and "About this result" features
About this image

Google is combatting the spread of misinformation by giving users more tools to understand the content they see online. The company's "About this image" and "more about this page" features, critical for image and website evaluation, are now available in 40 additional languages. These languages include Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese, reaching a vast new audience.

Key Features

  • "About this image": Users can gain insights into an image's origin, how it's being used across the web, and view relevant fact-checks. This helps to uncover potentially manipulated or misleading images.
  • "more about this page" (part of About this result): This feature provides details about websites, including how they're described, relevant news coverage, and other online sources discussing the site. This context helps individuals determine a website's reliability before engaging with its content.

These tools are easily accessible within Google Search. Users can click the three dots next to an image in Google Images or in the "About this result" panel on regular search results for websites.

Google's expansion of language support for these info literacy tools highlights the company's dedication to building a more informed online community. These tools are crucial, particularly in regions where misinformation can have significant consequences.

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