Google expands identity verification to all advertisers

Google expands identity verification to all advertisers
Google identity verification 

Google last month announced the expansion of identity verification to all advertisers. Identity verification was until now only for political advertisers. Identity verification was introduced in 2018.

According to Google, the expansion to all advertisers will bring transparency into the advertiser behind the ads people see.

Google says it will require advertisers to complete a verification program in order to buy ads on Google. Advertisers will need to submit personal identification, business incorporation documents or other information that proves who they are and the country in which they operate.

Advertiser identity verification will start in the US. Google expects that the process will take a few years to complete, with a globally expansion.

The advertiser name  must be the legal name, and match the name on the registration documentation. The brand or product names, that are not legal names, are not allowed.

Beginning this summer, users will start to see disclosures that list this information about the advertiser behind the ads they see. Identity verification of advertisers will also help Google on the fight against bad ads. Last year, Google suspended 1 million advertiser accounts for policy violations.

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