Google expands Install Referrer Tracking to Games on PC

Google expands Install Referrer Tracking to Games on PC
Install Referrer Tracking

Google this month announced expanded support for the Play Install Referrer API, now allowing developers to track installations of their Google Play Games on PC.

This feature enables developers to pinpoint their most effective acquisition channels and optimize marketing campaigns for their PC-installed game titles.

The Play Install Referrer API, first introduced for mobile devices in 2017, has been a valuable tool for mobile developers. With this update, developers can now track the success of web campaigns that promote their PC games on the Google Play Store.

Developers start by generating a tailored Google Play URL with a referrer query parameter that identifies specific web campaigns. Users clicking this link are redirected to the game's Google Play Store listing and offered the "Install on Windows" option. Once installed and launched, developers use the Google Play Install Referrer library to track the referral data.

“With integration support from Adjust, developers can quickly and efficiently measure marketing campaigns for their games on Google Play Games on PC. We’re excited about the opportunity this brings for developers to broaden their games’ reach and strengthen cross-platform measurement.” - Gijsbert Pols, Director of Connected TV & New Channels, Adjust.

Google Play Games on PC lets users discover and play their favorite Google Play games on Windows PCs and laptops.

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