Google expands Loyalty Program to Japan

Google expands Loyalty Program to Japan
Merchants can now showcase rewards programs to attract and retain customers across Google platforms

Google last month announced the expansion of its merchant point program to Japan. This program allows businesses listing their products via Google's free listings to promote their loyalty programs across Google Search, Wallet, and Maps.

Key Benefits for Merchants:

  • Enhance Customer Engagement: Loyalty programs displayed on Google surfaces can strengthen brand association and deepen relationships with existing customers.
  • Attract New Shoppers: Merchants can reach potential customers who may not be aware of their loyalty programs, encouraging new sign-ups.
  • No Additional Cost: Setting up the point program within Merchant Center doesn't incur fees.

How It Works

Merchants can easily highlight their rewards programs, allowing customers to see:

  • Program logo and name
  • Points earned with each purchase
  • Membership tier perks, like exclusive events or birthday gifts

Getting Started

  1. Activate: Access the "Growth" tab in Merchant Center, then "Manage Programs," and activate the "point programs" card for Japan.
  2. Add Details: Provide your program's logo, name, description, and a link to your program's website.
  3. Define Membership Ranks: Specify benefits and requirements for each membership tier within your program.
  4. Integrate Third-Party Partners (Optional): Select any compatible loyalty point operators or payment providers you work with.
  5. Submit for Approval: Google will review your submission for accuracy and compliance (up to 72 hours).

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