Google hit by an antitrust lawsuit over the market dominance in search

SA360, distribution agreements and specialized vertical providers are the focus of this antitrust lawsuit.

Google hit by an antitrust lawsuit over the market dominance in search

Thirty-five states, the District of Columbia, and the commonwealth of Guam and Puerto Rico, this month filed a lawsuit against Google over the market monopoly in search.

This is the antitrust action where more US states decided to move against Google. This month, Ten states in the US move an antitrust lawsuit against Google over the market dominance in publisher ad servers, ad exchanges, ad networks, and demand-side platforms. In October, DOJ and 11 US states hit Google with an antitrust lawsuit over agreements that Google has with carriers.

The lawsuit, filed this month in a federal court in Washington, is focused on:

  • Anticompetitive and exclusionary distribution agreements;
  • The SA360 (Google Marketing Platform), and its interoperability limitations with a competitor, Microsoft Bing;
  • Mechanisms of harm that artificially limit the ability of specialized vertical providers to acquire customers.

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