Google introduces AI-powered image tools in Demand Gen campaigns

Google introduces AI-powered image tools in Demand Gen campaigns

Google Ads yesterday introduced a suite of AI-powered creative tools specifically for Demand Gen campaigns. These tools enable advertisers to quickly generate high-quality, unique images tailored to their brand's message, simplifying the creation of visually compelling ads for YouTube, Discover, Gmail, and YouTube Shorts.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Text-Based Image Generation: Advertisers can now use text prompts to guide the AI model in creating tailored images that resonate with their target audience. This dramatically reduces the time and resources needed for visual asset creation.
  • "Generate More Like This": Streamline creative development by using existing high-performing images as a basis for generating new, similar variations. Ideal for A/B testing or expanding campaign variations.
  • Responsible AI and Advertiser Control: Google emphasizes its commitment to responsible AI development and safeguards surrounding ad policies. Advertisers retain full control over which generated images are used, and Google AI ensures uniqueness, novelty, and includes identification mechanisms for transparency.

Harnessing the Power of AI for Visual Storytelling

"New AI-powered creative features are coming to Demand Gen campaigns to help take your visual storytelling to the next level," notes Michael Levinson Vice President and General Manager of Social, Local and Vertical Ads. "With generative image tools, you can now create a variety of compelling image assets in just a few steps."

To maximize the impact of Demand Gen campaigns with AI image generation, Google recommends:

  • Provide Clear Input: Detailed and descriptive text prompts will help the AI model generate images that closely align with your brand.
  • Offer Multiple Asset Formats: Maximize ad reach by including images and videos in various aspect ratios (vertical, square, landscape).
  • Utilize Product Feeds: (For Retailers) Connect product feeds to Demand Gen campaigns for personalized, interest-based ads.
  • Test and Optimize: Regularly monitor asset performance and use the insights to refine your creative strategy.

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