Google introduces Limited Ads Serving policy

Google introduces Limited Ads Serving policy

Google this year introduced a new policy named "Limited Ads Serving." This policy aims to reduce the risk of scams and prevent misleading and confusing advertisements, ultimately providing a safer and more transparent online advertising experience. The rollout of this policy will be gradual.

Under the Limited Ads Serving policy, Google will introduce a "get-to-know-you" period for advertisers with whom they have less familiarity. During this initial phase, impressions for ads from these advertisers may be limited. This policy will initially apply when these advertisers target specific brands with their ad campaigns, especially in cases where the relationship between the advertiser and the brand referenced in their ad is unclear.

Google exemplifies with the example of someone searching for flights with their favorite airline to San Francisco. With this new approach, the majority of ads related to that search would typically come from well-established entities, such as the airline itself, competing airlines, hotels in the area, and advertisers with a proven track record of policy compliance and transparency. Advertisers lacking this history of good behavior might have their impressions restricted as they work to establish their credibility on the platform.

The primary objective is to ensure users have a clear understanding of the advertisers they engage with when interacting with ads. This policy is designed to minimize the chances of users encountering misleading or confusing ads from advertisers with unproven records.

Google says advertisers significantly affected by this policy will be notified and provided with guidance to achieve qualified status.

To make informed decisions about an advertiser's track record on the platform, Google will consider several criteria, including user feedback. Users have the ability to provide feedback on every ad they encounter on the platform, which is invaluable in gauging the user experience.

Advertiser history in adhering to advertising policies and the completion of Google's Advertiser Identity Verification process are also vital considerations.

Google states it is committed to maintaining an open platform for new advertisers, ensuring they have the opportunity to deliver helpful user experiences. The Limited Ads Serving policy does not block or remove any ads from the platform. Limitations will be applied in specific scenarios, particularly when a user could be confused by an advertiser's brand identity.

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