Google introduces new mobile app inventory and fees in DV360

Google introduces new mobile app inventory and fees in DV360

Google today announced a significant update to DV360, expanding mobile app inventory access and introducing associated fees. This change will provide advertisers with greater control and access to quality app inventory.

Key Updates:

  • New Inventory Source: Display & Video 360 users will soon have access to a new "app mediation partners" inventory source. This includes AdMost, AppLovin MAX, Chartboost Mediation, DT Fairbid, TopOn, and Unity LevelPlay.
  • Optional Targeting: Targeting this inventory is optional. Advertisers currently targeting the Google Ad Manager exchange or who have selected "target new exchanges" will be automatically opted in but can choose to opt-out.
  • New Fees: A fee for inventory purchased through app mediation partners will go into effect in April 2024. Customers will need to explicitly accept the fee before they can target these inventories.

Benefits for Advertisers

These updates offer significant advantages for advertisers:

  • Increased Inventory Access: The new app mediation partner source unlocks a broader range of mobile app inventory.
  • Enhanced Targeting: Advertisers can target individual app mediation partners and track performance for each.
  • Bidding Efficiency: Real-time bidding support through partner bidding ad units can help advertisers win quality app inventory more effectively.

How to Get Started

Existing DV360 users can learn more about these changes and how to opt into the new inventory source within the platform.

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