Google introduces Operating System Targeting on CTV line items in DV360

Google yesterday announced it introduced Operating System Targeting on Connected TV (CTV) line items in DV360, a feature aimed at refining campaign targeting strategies.

With this new feature, advertisers now have the capability to tune their targeting to specifically reach users based on their operating systems on Connected TV devices.

Operating System Targeting is a valuable addition to DV360 because it recognizes the importance of delivering ads to users based on their device preferences. Different operating systems often provide distinct user experiences and functionalities.

This new DV360 feature enables advertisers to optimize their ad spend by directing their messaging to users on operating systems that are most relevant to their products or services.

Display & Video 360 (DV360) is an advertising platform developed by Google. It is designed to provide advertisers and agencies with a unified solution for planning, executing, and analyzing digital advertising campaigns across various channels and formats.

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