Google introduces Position Content targeting in DV360

Google introduces Position Content targeting in DV360

Google is introducing new targeting options in DV360 on August 26. The targeting enables advertisers to target the position in content, for video and for display.

Google launched in-feed and in-article ads on sell-side (publishers) in 2017. From August 26, this year, these 2 types of ads will be mapped as a targeting option in DV360.

The Position in Content targeting has the following options:

  • In-article
  • In-feed
  • Interstitial
  • In-banner
  • Unknown

The introduction of new targetings will cause an update on reporting, on Structured Data Files (SDF v5), and according to Google, existing targeting settings on all insertion orders and line items will be mapped to the revamped options so that all the current targeting selections remain intact.

Display & Video 360 Environment and Position Targeting Mapping

On environment level, DV360 currently had 11 environments that Google will simplify into 2: Web (+Not Optimised) and App.

Inventory included on Web Environment

  • Desktop Web Game (Video RTB)
  • Desktop Web (Display RTB)
  • Desktop Web Video (Video RTB
  • Mobile Web
  • Video Desktop In-Feed
  • Video Desktop In-Read

Inventory included on Web Not Optimized for Device

  • Desktop on Mobile (Display RTB)

Inventory included on App

  • Environment
  • Mobile App
  • Mobile App Interstitial (Display RTB)
  • Video Mobile App Interstitial (Video RTB)

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