Google launches a Mobile Web Certification

Google launches a Mobile Web Certification

Google yesterday launched a Mobile Web Certification, for Google Marketing Platform Partners.

According to Google, partners certified in Mobile Web work with advertiser’s business objectives to implement improvements to user experience while helping drive engagement on the mobile site, increase mobile conversion rates and generate first-party data to support accurate performance measurement.

“Partners have passed a rigorous certification and testing protocol, showing mastery of a wide range of mobile services and an ability to help more users convert,” wrote Steph Clippert, Program Manager, Google Marketing Platform Partners, at Google.

Google is now going beyond product certifications, like DV360 certification. The Mobile Web Certification is the first skills-based certification launched by Google.

Google Marketing Platform Partners is a network of accredited Google partners that help advertisers grow their business with Google ads and analytics tools. Google launched google Marketing Platform Partners in 2018.

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