Google launches Early Break Notification API

Google launches Early Break Notification API

Google last week announced the launch of an Early Break Notification API in Ad Manager’s DAI. Google says the Early Break Notification API will make it easier for publishers to use real-time ad break data to monetize live events.

Early Break Notification API enables publishers to send ad break data to Ad Manager, such as program information from SCTE-35 or custom parameters, in advance of an ad break so that they can deliver ads and adhere to brand safety requirements.

According to Google, data may include program ID, break number, or custom parameters such as whether the ad break is at half-time or the end of a game. This enables publishers to deliver ads based on these circumstances, such as a food delivery ad, sponsorship ad, or an ad based on who won the game.

Google says that sending ad break data in advance provides additional ad decisioning time across programmatic demand sources, which is important during live events and can help publishers increase fill rates.

DAI Early Ad Break Notification API is in beta.

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