Google launches €10 Million AI Fund in Europe

Google launches €10 Million AI Fund in Europe
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Google today announced the AI Opportunity Fund: Europe, a €10 million initiative in partnership with the Centre for Public Impact. According to Google, this fund aims to equip European workers, particularly those most vulnerable to workforce transitions due to AI, with the essential skills and knowledge to thrive in the evolving job market.

Recent advances in AI, especially Generative AI, present tremendous economic potential. However, concerns over job displacement and unequal access to these benefits necessitate proactive measures. The AI Opportunity Fund addresses this challenge by:

  • Empowering non-profit and civil society organizations: Organizations reaching underserved workers can apply for funding and training resources to deliver foundational AI skills in local languages.
  • Tailored support: Beyond funding, the program offers ongoing mentorship, childcare vouchers, and stipends to remove barriers to learning.
  • Collaboration with experts: Training content is based on Google and external AI courses, ensuring quality and relevance.

Who can apply?

  • Non-profit, public-interest, or social enterprise organizations (e.g., trade unions, municipalities, professional associations)
  • Registered in an EU-27 member country
  • Proven track record of supporting underserved workers and understanding their needs
  • Commitment to lifelong learning

Application process:

Registration of interest for applications is now open on the Centre for Public Impact website. The official application period opens later this year.

Besides the launch of the fund, Google is expanding their AI foundational courses to 18 languages. The courses are free of charge and available to everyone, offering a series of modules on introductory AI skills to help people and businesses get practical skills and knowledge.

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