Google launches vehicle ads, a new ad format in Google Ads

Google launches vehicle ads, a new ad format in Google Ads
Google Vehicle Ads

Google this month launched vehicle ads in the US. Vehicle ads are an ad format which allows auto advertisers to promote their inventory of vehicles to interested customers shopping for vehicles on Google.

According to Google, vehicle ads show customers an image of the vehicle with information such as make, model, price, mileage, and advertiser name. Vehicle ads do not support vehicle parts, accessories, tires, and services.

Google says it will expand vehicle ads to more countries at a later date.

Clicking on a vehicle ad takes the customer to the Vehicle Description Page (VDP) on the advertiser’s website, from where they can perform further actions such as contacting the dealer, filling a lead form, etc. and/or then deciding to visit the dealership.

To get started, advertisers need to create a vehicle inventory data feed and connect it to Google Merchant Center. This feed contains all the details about the vehicle inventory, like make, model, price, mileage and condition. Google uses those details to match shoppers with the most relevant cars as they’re searching.

Google says advertisers who complemented their existing Search campaigns with vehicle ads saw a +25% average increase in conversions during beta testing.

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